Late Summer Reading List


While I love to read, I’m not always good at taking time to do it. I think it’s been months since I curled up with a good book and just got lost in it and I truly miss that! I do have an iPad that I can download books from, but there’s just something about the library (aside from it being free) that gets me excited about reading. Walking through the aisles and holding real books in my hands make the experience so much more than staring at the same screen book after book.

Summer is more than halfway over so I thought I’d share my late summer reading list. The goal every time I go to the library is to not get more books than I can by the three week due date (even though I can extend it twice). Here’s what I’m reading for the last part of this summer.

  • Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders – the Manson murders were always so intriguing to me. I hope that doesn’t make me creepy, my sister and I are the types of people who will binge watch shows on murderers, not because we’re crazy, but because it’s so interesting and messed up. Also, the Manson caves are just miles from where I grew up so it’s even more interesting to me. Judge away!
  • My Name is Memory – “Daniel has spent centuries falling in love with the same girl. Life after life, crossing continents and dynasties, he and Sophia (despite her changing name and form) have been drawn together-and he remembers it all. For all the times that he and Sophia have been connected throughout history, they have also been torn painfully, fatally, apart…
  • How It All Vegan!: Irresistible Recipes for an Animal-Free Diet – Blaine and I aren’t vegan, we’re vegetarian, but I like to do my best to eliminate as many animal products from our diet as possible so I’m trying to find more vegan recipes as they tend to rely less on cheese and dairy products. I’m hoping to find a couple of meals to add to our meal plans for the next few weeks.
  • before i go – “Madison Henry has been skating as long as she’s been walking. Coached by her mother, Annie, she is on her way to the Olympics. Jack has been her one friend since she was six years old and now a young adult, Madison is oblivious to his feelings for her. When tragedy strikes, Madison is forced to look at her life differently…and accept one without skating. Only after she opens her heart does she understand the sacrifices Annie made, realize the depth of Jack’s love and know she was blessed in every way. Before I Go spotlights the thrill of women’s ice skating, the unbreakable bond a mother and daughter share and the one true love every person hopes to experience in their lifetime.”

What are you reading? Do you have any recommendations for me next time I visit the library? Please let me know in the comments below!

Start a Happy List


While everyone has off days, most of us are truly and completely in control of our happiness. If I’m having one of those days it’s up to me to decide to not let it take over my thoughts. Sometimes when you’re in that moment and all you want to do is cry or sock someone (I have never actually socked anyone!) it can be really tough to get out of that mood.

One way to pull yourself out of a crappy day or mood is to have a “Happy List” ready to perk you up. A happy list can include anything that might cheer you up: a joke, a picture, a funny memory, something you know you can go do that will turn that frown upside down. Yep, I used that cheesy saying, it makes me happy! I’m starting my very own happy list so that I can find this post whenever I’m moody or ready to nap for the rest of the day.

  1. Remember: you’re in complete control of your happiness
  2. Go get a manicure and/or pedicure
  3. Wedding & honeymoon photos
  4. Go visit your veggie garden (if it’s warm weather)
  5. Sit on the floor and cuddle with the pups
  6. Put on a pretty dress and meet Blaine for lunch
  7. Go for a walk by yourself
  8. Drop everything and go see a movie
  9. These might make you smile: one, two, three, four, five
  10. Make a list of things you are truly grateful for
  11. Blast music that reminds you of the past (fall out boy? MJ? Paramore? 90′s crap?)
  12. Get out the yoga mat and stretch
  13. Hug a kitty
  14. Go get a drink and a treat from Starbucks
  15. Curl your hair
  16. Paint your nails
  17. Look at old photos
  18. Go to the library and check out a book
  19. Browse the Humor section on Printerest
  20. Reminisce about all the puppies you’ve fostered

I plan to add to my list regularly and look at it whenever I’m feeling a little down. What would you add to your Happy List?

Weekly Wishes // No. 3

The Nectar Collective
I love Monday! Each week I like to start off with a review of the previous weeks goals and a fresh set of goals for the week ahead. Obviously this isn’t all I’m doing each week, but since my to do list is always a mile long it’s nice to have just a few things to focus on and feel accomplished at the end of the week.


  1. Finish 2013 taxes (!!!) Semi-fail. I got together everything I need, all the papers, my schedule C for both my businesses, etc.
  2. Finish editorial calendar for July. Done and done! July is almost over, but I got this done last week so everything is planned out through the end of the month and I just need to finish up a few posts.
  3. Spend three hours learning. I honestly don’t know how long I spent learning, however, I did spend a good amount of time learning some new web and wordpress development stuff.
  4. Finish & install ASE project. This hasn’t happened yet, but the test site is up and I’m just waiting on approval from my clients before I go ahead with the installation. Woo!


  1. Bring tax info to a pro. Now that I have all of the information together as of this weekend and now I just need to stop by one of the local tax places in town and get things started.
  2. Create 3 new premades. Since design is so up and down and all over the place, I have a few etsy stores where I sell premade designs for businesses as well as events. I really want to continue to build this up so it’s a steady residual income even if it’s only a couple hundred bucks a month.
  3. Editorial Calendar for August After doing pretty well in July with posting, I want to get a head start on August. I already have the first few days planned out, but I want to get the majority of August at least planned with post ideas and then I can edit as needed.
  4. Get ready for the day 3 times. I’m the girl with the messy bun, tank top, yoga pants without anything on my face besides chapstick and sunglasses (if I’m out). I really want to try and put a little effort into my appearance so I’m not in yoga pants all day, everyday. How ridiculous does it sound that I’m complaining that I can be dressed like that all day and it doesn’t matter?

Weekend Link Love

Basically that up there is what happens when you buy a sweet potato and forget about it for a few weeks. Oops? I can’t believe it’s the weekend already! This week has gone by fast and I feel like I got quite a bit done so I’m pretty happy with myself and am going to take the weekend to just kind of relax. As much as possible at least since I’m going to be pet sitting again! Hope you get a chance to either put your feet up or go on a fun adventure.

I consider myself a happy person, but this list of the essential ingredients to being a happy person was still a good reminder.

I love listening to podcasts while cleaning/tidying so here’s a list of some I’m excited to try. I already listen to The Lively Show and it’s one of my favorites!

Do you sleep naked? Apparently there some benefits.

Things that have made me laugh out loud recently: this,

Or if you’d rather get a little (ok, a lot) teary-eyed: a dogs last day on earth. Reminds me of when Roxy passed in January.

How to Set a Custom White Balance on your DSLR. I’m always fighting with my camera and I think this will help with my color/lighting issues.

As a vegetarian beans should really be more of a staple in my diet. I’m trying, but I am not so good at cooking them. Here’s how to cook dry beans.

I’m not really into oatmeal, but these photos make me want to give it a try with a little more creativity!

Steps to summer salad perfection. Get out of your salad rut! (I’m mostly yelling at myself here)

Remember my simple bread recipe? I don’t remember if I shared it, but Issa shared her results on Live Love Grow.

Have a happy weekend!