Sugar Strike Recap // Sometimes you fail…

Sugar Strike Challenge 2014

Ever been really excited about something and then just kind of given up part way through? I’m furiously working on that flaw in myself, but it happens. I announced my challenge here and checked in at the three week mark here.

I was able to stay off sugar for the first two weeks. Week three I failed. Week four I did better, but still had some sugar. I honestly can’t remember what happened during week five, but I’m assuming it was similar to week four. Since I overall consumed less sugar over the course of the challenge, I’m calling it a partial win. However, I still wasn’t able to completely stay off sugar for five week.

My best guess as to why I failed is because I committed to it for so long and then realized that last time I did it was for much shorter of a time period. The moment I realized that I pretty much assumed it would be too hard. Funny how something gets into your head and takes over, right?

The good news is, I’ve cut sugar a lot even though I haven’t been able to stay away completely. I try not to keep “bad sweets”. In fact, I threw away a half eaten bag of s’mores candy corn because I couldn’t resist taking a handful every time I walked by. I do my best to fill up on natural or healthy sweet food like fruit, greek yogurt and I’ve recently discovered banana ice cream now that I have a food processor again.

I’d love to cut out processed sugar completely because the fact that I am so addicted to it that I couldn’t cut it out for five weeks makes me a little bit angry. It’s ridiculous, right? It’s just sugar!


weekend fun // veggie garden prep & puppies

garden-prep-before-after garden-prep-chickens garden-prep-einstein garden-prep-puppies garden-prep-puppies2 garden-prep-puppy-mike garden-prep-pups

I’m a little late on starting my seeds and it’s mostly due to my paranoia about the random snow we always get in April. I’m convinced that’s why none of my plants have done that well in the past, because they get a bad start in life and I’m not nurturing enough to revive them. Now that April is almost over and the days are much nicer, I’ve started some seeds in the sunroom. Lots of tomato, zucchini, lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers and plenty of others I’m excited about.

While I wait for my seeds to sprout I’m focusing on getting the garden ready. I have my one little raised bed from last year and we will be adding another this year. We don’t have the supplies to build a new raised bed yet, so over the weekend I worked on pulling weeds and adding some rocks around the current raised bed. It cleaned up nicely and also got some rocks out of the chicken run which I’ve been meaning to do for a year now.

As you can see I had a lot of little “helpers” who, while not so helpful, were happy to hang outside with Blaine and I as we got some work done around the yard. I weeded around the raised bed and then shoveled and moved three wheelbarrows full of rocks to create a perimeter and prevent more weeds from coming through. All while explaining to Blaine how buff I’m going to be once I’m done moving all the rocks in the front and back yards. It’s funny how something so obvious clicks in you mind at random. Suddenly I realized that I was killing two birds with one stone by working in the yard and getting a work out. I’m all for multitasking so that was the motivation I needed. Excuse me while I go move some more rocks.

Be Happy.

One thing I’ve learned as the years have passed is I am 100% control of my happiness. Such a cliche thing to say, but it couldn’t be more true. If I could’ve learned this as a angsty teenager I can only imagine how much that would’ve helped me through those years.

I have a million things I could complain about every day (exaggeration), but I have two million things to be excited and thankful for. Today for example, I could have complained about anything from not having enough time to get everything done before leaving town, feeling bloated, etc. but instead I’m choosing to be happy that I’m lucky enough to go out of town regularly and that I’m bloated from eating a little too much good food.

You may not be in complete control of your day, but you are in control of how you see it and feel it. Be happy, it’s up to you.

You know you’re a freelancer when…


The other day I hit gold card status on my Starbucks app. I immediately felt shame because I liked to pride myself on the fact that I was too cheap to go there enough to get anywhere near gold. Over the last few months things have changed and I’ve been heading to Starbucks to get work done, meet with co-workers, etc. Now I hang my head in shame and confess that I’m now gold card status at Starbucks.

On a brighter note, that lead to some funny realizations about freelancing that I wanted to share.

You know you’re a freelancer when…

  1. You end up at Starbucks half a dozen (a dozen? more?) times a month to get work done/get out of the house/get out or your pajamas/collaborate with other freelancers/interact with human beings.
  2. One month you’re making way more than you planned and the next you’re trying to figure out which is more important: groceries or gas.
  3. You’re constantly trying to convince people you don’t just sit at home in your pajamas all day watching Real Housewives reruns on Bravo.
  4. Sometimes you sit at home in your pajamas all day watching Real Hosuewives reruns on Bravo. Or Teen Mom. Or Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.
  5. Tax season is twice as terrible because not only are you doing taxes, you usually get to send a check instead of getting a refund.
  6. You wear yoga pants/sweat pants to work almost everyday (ok, everyday. oh, just me?)
  7. The only thing that makes you happier than a landing a big project is when a client pays an invoice on time.
  8. Paid vacation? Paid sick time? HA! No one cares if you’re in the Bahamas or stuck in bed. You don’t work, you don’t get paid.
  9. Sometimes you think about getting a regular job with regular hours, job stability and a bi-monthly paycheck.
  10. You wonder what you were thinking when you considered getting a “regular job” because freelance life, while challenging, pretty awesome.

Bonus: You like to pretend Friday’s are exciting like everyone else, but you know you’ll at least check your email over the weekend.

Happy Friday! Turn off your phones and enjoy a few days off whether you’re a freelancer or not!