Weekly Wishes // No. 15


The last few weeks have been so hectic that I didn’t have a chance to jot down my weekly wishes. All last week we spent every night, after Blaine got off from work, packing up my parents house. Since they spend maybe one or two weekends here a month we all decided it’d be best if they just “moved in” with us instead of wasting money on a house that they were never at. Plus, it’ll be nice to split expenses with them and for them to be in the same house with us once the baby comes. It’ll make visiting much easier!

I have to say I’m exhausted, but I need to keep chugging away. I’m not going to get any less pregnant any time soon and when I do? I’ll have a little one taking most of my time. It’s crazy to think about!

This Week’s Wishes

  1. February Editorial Calendar. With February starting next week it’s time to get an outline of February’s posts going so I can keep on track with my posting schedule.
  2. Get a week ahead in blog posts. In addition to planning out February, I’m hoping to get about a week ahead in blog posting so that I’m not in a rush to get a blog post together the night before, or worse, the day of.
  3. Begin sorting/organizing. This past weekend we moved my parents in and our entire garage and my entire office/studio (a converted garage) is filled to the ceiling with furniture and boxes. It’s driving me nuts and I’m hoping to get the house back in order within the next month. Slowly but surely.
  4. Have a yard sale (weather permitting). We have several boxes from my parents house that are for selling and donating so I need to dig through and find those items so we can clear those out.

What are you hoping to accomplish this week?

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Weekend Link Love // No. 29

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After a busy, busy week of packing up my parents house and squeezing in design work and naps, I wanted to check in and share some of my favorite links over the last few weeks. It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend link love post so it was about time!

SEO Tips from Twitter, duh.

Get 25% off your Kintage order (yes, I put a little shop together!) with code SAVE25 through 1/25

Photography: ISO, aperture and shutter speed explained. Keeping this handy because I always get them mixed up.

Work-Life Balancing tips

Funny enough I’ve been planning a similar post, but for now check out some great info on how to commit to blogging regularly.

Why you don’t have to count calories to lose weight. I used to do this before I learned about just focusing on real, healthy food.

How to run two businesses at once. I’m a serial entrepreneur so this was a good, quick read.

Current wishlist: snoogle pregnancy pillow, lightweight robe, simplify by joshua becker, week-by-week vegetable gardener handbook

P.S. I’m offering 10% off any design package booked in January when you mention this offer so check out my design website and let’s talk! I’m currently booking for February.

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The Pregnancy Diaries // no. 1


Pregnancy is such an insane concept! I’m 17 weeks along and still don’t look the least bit pregnant until the end of the day when I’m extremely bloated. And then, surprise! I wake up in the morning with the same sized belly I’ve always had. My favorite is mornings. I can run my hand down my stomach and feel a little bump where baby is growing. You can’t see it, but you can definitely feel it in the morning before I’ve had anything to eat. I always spend a few minutes rubbing that little spot and thinking about the future. Sometimes I’ll go over names we’ve been thinking of, sometimes it’s a bit of worry that something could be wrong, sometimes it’s “am I technically a mother already?”. I can’t wait to really start showing instead of looking like I ate too much Taco Bell.

People weren’t kidding when they say the unwanted advice and judgements start early! I’m doing my best to just tune out the negativity and all the “warnings” people keep giving me. And let’s just say the belly rubbing is a lot weirder than I expected it to be. I think it’s because I don’t really have a bump, so people rubbing my belly fat is uncomfortable. Fair warning: unless you put the baby in there, there’s a chance I’m going to rub your belly back to show you  how awkward it is!

Blaine and I have talked names and have a first name for a boy locked down, but can’t seem to agree on a girl name. It’s funny because when we used to daydream about our hypothetical children we would always say that we like girl names better so we better just have girls. I’m not too worried about taking seriously about it until find out the gender in two weeks.

I’ve been trying to eat better and not think too hard about what I’m going to eat. At the very beginning I basically couldn’t eat anything and would have to force food (crackers) down my throat. Then I started craving certain things and that’s all I ate. Then I started getting to be better with food in general, but certain things would gross me out or I’d feel perfectly fine while eating and ten minutes later I’d be emptying my stomach into the toilet. Now I can eat most food without getting grossed out, but there’s a huge difference between eating something and enjoying something. And oh, the frequency. I’m almost never full. I could eat all day, but it’s difficult to find food that I don’t mind eating all day. I feel my best when I eat every 2-3 hours so I really do my best to keep something in my stomach. Up until probably 2 weeks ago I was eating really unhealthy because I couldn’t eat anything else and now I’m happy to be able to slowly transition to eating relatively healthy. I’m hoping green smoothies, veggies and salads will start to sound good to me again sometime soon!

It’s been nice being (mostly) back to my old self in relation to energy and motivation. For the months November and December I didn’t even want to look at a computer, let alone sit on one working for hours. Now I have most of my motivation back, though I do my best not to sit on the computer all day. I might even have more motivation now that I have a growing baby to care for in the future. The plan was always for me to work from home so I could be home with any future children so this is my time to get things going!

Overall, though I feel pretty gross on a daily basis, this pregnancy has been okay. I complain a lot, but I know it could be worse! I don’t have anything to compare to, but talking to other moms and pregnant buddies I know there are worse things and as long as my little one is healthy I’m good!

Right now (me):

  • not showing
  • major bloating by end of day
  • “swampy”/bubbly stomach most days, but not as intense as it was a few weeks ago
  • excess saliva is still present (and annoying)
  • weird taste in mouth seems to be getting better, but still there most of the day
  • bras are suffocating
  • most of my pants still fit, though they’re pretty snug
  • nurse was impressed my pants still fit (ha!)
  • up about 6 pounds
  • taco bell 7 layer burritos are my go-to when nothing sounds good
  • bagel with an egg for breakfast daily
  • fruit tastes so good, but makes my stomach feel gross
  • always hungry (stomach), but can’t always find something that sounds appealing

Right now (baby):

  • about the size of an onion/5 inches
  • around 5-6 oz in weight
  • no definite movement felt yet (a few maybes)

This was such a scattered, brain dump of a post. I don’t plan to update weekly or anything, but I do want to update about the pregnancy as we move along and hit different milestones. Next exciting event? Our ultrasound in 2 weeks and finding out the gender. The last time we had an ultrasound I was 8 weeks along and baby looked like nothing more than a blob on the screen. We’re pretty excited to see him or her again soon!

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Morro Bay and Our Little Surprise

Morro Bay Rock & SeagullsI’m finally sharing the photos from our Morro Bay trip back in October! Every year we take a week and go somewhere for our anniversary. We decided to stick a little closer to home and spend time relaxing on the beautiful Central California coast. Most of our week was spent exploring the town around our hotel, eating (a lot!) and relaxing in the hotel (aka napping!).

Mid-way through the trip I kind of lost my appetite so I spent a lot of time just hanging out and watching Blaine eat. Blaine got his fill of Fish and Chips and I was seriously just happy to see him happily enjoying all the delicious food. How cheesy is that? Of course, now we know I was pregnant and my symptoms were starting to pop up on the trip. I would get winded every time we walked up the hill to our hotel and would always say something along the lines of “Seriously, I didn’t think I was that out of shape!”. And suddenly I was sick of french fries and didn’t want my morning coffee. Plus, the constant requests for naps left Blaine semi-frustrated that I wanted to spend all our time in the room. I’m just happy the nausea didn’t hit until on the way home on our very last day!

But we did get to relax and enjoy ourselves. We took little day trips to Pismo Beach and Cambria. We even hit a car show in the town just north of Morro Bay on our last day after a huge rain storm and witnessing a double rainbow over Morro Rock.

On our way back we drove through Santa Barbara hoping to stop, but I was feeling too sick so we just drove through hoping to catch a glimpse of funny walks of shame in costume by the college since Halloween was the night before. Aside from a guy in a tree, a dude riding home on a bike with no shoes, one sock and a bag from McDonalds and a Penguin walking down the street, it was pretty tame. Less than an hour after we walked in the door of our home I was looking at a positive pregnancy test. And then another, because I was in total shock. It was the perfect end to a relaxing trip to celebrate our love!

Morro Bay Beach
Our Anniversary Trip
Our Anniversary Trip
Skipping Rocks, Morro Bay
Sea Glass, Morro Bay
Cambria Scarecrow Festival
Elephant Seals
Pizza, Morro Bay
Pismo Beach
Pismo Beach
Pismo Beach
Chocolate Covered Twinkie, Morro Bay
Fish & Chips, Morro Bay
On Our Anniversary Trip to Morro Bay
Morro Rock on a Cloudy Day
Double Rinbow Morro Rock, Morro Bay
Pea Soup Andersons

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