Hi, I'm Aileen! 

Entrepreneur at Home Mom, Online Biz Ninja & Multitasking Extraordinaire

If you're looking for tools, resources and advice as a creative entrepreneur or blogger who wants to not only shape a life you're passionate about, but do it in a way that's genuine and uncomplicated then you're in the right place! 

The first thing you need to do is download the FREE Business and Blog Planner Worksheets. It's the key to keeping your online business organized and on focus in a simple, not to mention FREE, way.


Now let's talk about how I got into this whole entrepreneur thing...

My business story is long and winding. From a profitable ebay business at 16 to my most ridiculous, and successful, business making and selling cage accessories for small animals, I don't have an impressive rags to riches story and I'd probably confuse you trying to chronologically recite how I got to where I am.. But I have been starting and running my own businesses for over 10 years (since I was a teenager) and I am just as passionate, maybe more, today as I was back then.

I have an obsession with business and I'm that crazy person who believes that everyone has the ability to live life on their own terms. 

I'm the one that will tell you to go for it, make it happen and chase those dreams. But I'll also show you the real side of business and it usually doesn't look like perfectly curated instagram photos of coffee, Apple products and pretty plants. Sometimes you're surrounded by mail and notebooks full of notes and coffee from last Tuesday.

My goal is to share my knowledge and experiences from business to blogging to simplifying your life so you can focus on the good shit. 

Speaking about the good shit in life, if you don't love mushy family pictures or ridiculously cute babies go back to the blog because I'm about to ramble on about myself for those of you who are interested. 

This is my "WHY"

Like I said, I'm business obsessed. I was a serial entrepreneur before I hit my 20's and I skipped around quite a bit. And then in spring of 2015 my life changed when my son was born extremely early and spent four months in the hospital. As if that wasn't enough, while my son was in the hospital we found out my dad (who was always one to support my entrepreneurial spirit) was terminally ill and he passed away just a month after we got the news, before my son was released and without ever getting the chance to hold his first grandchild. 

Nothing could have prepared me for what we went through. But it opened my eyes much wider to that whole cheesy "life is short" thing. You see, I always had the passion. But what I lacked was motivation to get shit done and make this life I was dreaming of a reality. To bust through my fears of failure and know that I could create this amazing life for my family, one that we can look back on and smile instead of wondering "what if".

Our life is currently based in a small town in California a couple of hours outside of Los Angeles. My incredible husband and I have a freakishly adorable son and an embarrassing number of fur (and feathered) family. He's into cars and hardly touches technology while I'm pretty geeky and struggle with the guilt of not unplugging more often. We have a dream of spending a year in a trailer, traveling around the country and we have a plan in place to get there.

We are all capable of mapping out our lives. Picture yourself in your 80's sitting in your creaky wooden rocking chair on your picturesque front porch and looking back on your life. What's the life you want to remember?

Let's get started on those dreams because even one day of procrastination means one more day that you missed out on your dream life aka The Good Shit. Start planning and take action!

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