Things that make me smile.

I'm pretty sure there's a J.Biebs song that says something about "when you smile, I smile" but I'm not sure... that's what I think of when I hear the word smile now, sadly. Thanks a lot, J Biebs. (If I'm wrong, then I just look really dumb now. Cool.)

Is this painted? A decal? A light shining through that lamp with his shape in it? Whatever it is it's amazing.

This is exactly my relationship with my dog Einstein. All 60 lbs of him would like to be in my lap at all times.

Look how cute this car is. I need to ask Blaine what it is and if he can get me one. It's ADORABLE.

I pretty much agree.

Oh dear. Now I need a puppy.

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In case you missed it.... I'm obsessed with pinterest!