This collage is exactly what it's like hanging out with my sister and I. You probably never want to hang out with my sister and I. We might be the most annoying, obnoxious people ever when we're together. It's the best.

WORKING ON: A couple of blog design projects I've picked up over the last few days. I'm super excited about them, the ladies I'm designing for are so sweet and I will definitely share them when they're done later this week, most likely. One is a design for a family blog and the other is a complete branding of a Vintage shop on Etsy!

THINKING ABOUT: How I slacked off with the gym this month. I went out of town 3 (4?) times and it was just so hard to keep a routine. I went today and it was hard. Not so much physically as mentally. I hope I can get back to my "I feel like I HAVE to work out everyday to feel good" routine. Please!

ANTICIPATING: My sister moving back in a couple of weeks! And the next few months for Kintage. I have a lot of great ideas and although Summer was slower than I had hoped, I'm recharged and ready to get busy.

LISTENING TO:  "Space" by Something Corporate. Reminds me so much of high school. And I still get teenybopperish butterflies when I watch something corporate videos. I was a little bit in love with the singer as a teen.

EATING: I just finished a pear. In a bit I'm going to go turn on the over and cook up some spaghetti squash.

THANKFUL FOR: Music. I've been listening to it a ton while working over the last few days.

PLANNING FOR: This coming week. I'm trying to get together a to do list so that I can be super productive this week. I also stopped mid-cleaning spree on Friday, so I'm planning on finishing that up soon. Maybe later today.

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