Sometimes I get inspired on a new project (well, old idea that I have just started working on) and stay up until almost 3am working on it excitedly.

Sometimes I tell myself the last thing I need is another project. Usually I ignore that voice and do it anyway.

Sometimes I am so tired from staying up until 3am that I wake up at 9 and sit in bed until 9:30. So tired.

Sometimes I leave my house in total chaos like a vacuum plugged in, in the middle of the room and 2 couched pushed together because we never sit on them and I can't get Mila to stop sleeping on them.

Sometimes I work in my PJs and never put on a bra. I'm so professional.

Sometimes Often the days I don't put on a bra are the days the delivery guy needs a signature. Awkward.

Sometimes we have a chicken in our laundry room (again) until she grows her back feathers back and we figure out what to do with our overzealous rooster.

Sometimes I try to convince Blaine we should just go get more chicks and he shoots me down because he's traumatized from one of our 3 chicks being a rooster. He insists it'll happen again and wants to find 2 full grown hens who need a home. Fine.

Sometimes we run out of money in our new spending account (our new budgeting system. p.s. i love it so far.) and I don't have staples like onions or flour or bread. But I have lots of carrots and potatoes. And cheese. Like 10+ pounds of cheese. I will not give in and use more money than was in our budget. I won't.

Sometimes I take 3 different walks all in a row (like yesterday) so all 4 of my dogs can go on a walk. My dogs aren't trained enough to all walk together nicely. I get too frustrated at the 160lbs worth of dog pulling me down the street and in 4 different directions. No thanks, dude. On the plus side, I got over 2 miles in during those 3 walks.

Sometimes I try really hard all day (like yesterday) to sit with my feet on the ground while I work. Usually I fail. Here I am sitting cross legged in my office chair. That can't be good for you 8+ hours a day.


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