Create New Habits // January - wake up early

create-new-habitsI'm so excited to get started on creating new habits this year! We often know the habits we'd like to have, you know, the things you want to do regularly without having to motivate yourself or even think about it. Each month join me as I create a new habit.

January's new habit: wake up early (7:30am)

(& immediately jump out of bed - no social media/email in bed!)

To be honest, I've been getting out of bed at 9am lately and it's driving me nuts. I'm actually up earlier than that, but just sit there in bed on my phone/ipad. It must be the cold weather/warm bed combination because the "normal" me (whoever that is) is usually out of bed around 8am without much struggle. But lately? Not so much. I love calculating things so let's play with some numbers. I'm usually out of bed at 9am, but in January I'm going to get out of bed at 7:30am instead. That's 1.5 hours earlier every day x 31 days. 46.5 hours! I will have 46.5 extra hours in January to get stuff done, work out, clean, read, or basically anything I want!

Isn't that crazy? I am honestly in bed most days by around 10 or 11 so getting up at 7:30 isn't depriving me of much at all. In fact, I often get "too much" sleep. (Feel free to throw things at your computer screen, I know that's a total luxury.)

Would you like to join me in creating a new habit in January? Let me know what your new habit will be. I'll be checking in at the beginning of February with my results, thoughts and February's new habit.