Declutter 500 in 2014 Challenge Update


One of my goals for 2014 was to declutter 500 items as I mentioned in my post at the beginning of the year. Almost everyday we bring more items into our homes without putting much thought on what needs to leave. Every day we clean, move and plan around items that are just kind of in the way and not of much use. This year I want to get 500 of those items out of my house! As of February 8th, I've decluttered 116 items! A large part of that was due to a yard sale. It was cold and we didn't do well at all because there weren't many people out, so we ended up making less than $20. But in an effort to not bring much back in, we donated over 90% of the items we didn't sell.

We're just over a month into 2014 and I'm already over 20% of the way to my goal. Yes! I'm keeping track via a simple spreadsheet in google docs where I record items I get rid of and how much we made, if anything. Not every single item, but for example "Yard Sale/Donation, 110 items, $12" is one line in there. I'm thrilled about the progress and am excited to clear out more. It's an obsession really.

Is anyone else as crazy about decluttering as me?