Mid-Week Sedona, AZ Getaway

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One thing we rarely do is get away, by ourselves, during the week. With a husband who works a typical 8-5 job, it's hard to get weekdays off even though my hours are completely flexible. But last week we were able to take a few days to ourselves and refresh in the beautiful town of Sedona, before the 4th of July rush. The gorgeous landscape, our luxurious (for us at least!) hotel, sleeping in, indulging in yummy food, it was a few days of total relaxation and doing whatever we wanted, even if it was just to sit in our hotel room and eat vegan chocolate peanut butter ice cream on the balcony or sit in bed watching way too much Catfish.

We did manage to leave the hotel long enough to take some photos, eat really good pizza and mexican food (chille relleno burrito and veggie torta). One thing we were in awe of in Sedona was the amount of natural food stores and vegetarian friendly restaurants. Needless to say we were in heaven. Since our hotel had a little kitchenette, we saved a few bucks (and got to be lazy) by eating a few meals in our room. We stocked up on veggie hot dogs, produce, salads and vegan ice cream. All the staples, obviously.

The last full day we were there we planned on going on a hike, but procrastinated until the evening (it got up to 105+ every day we were there) and then our plans were rudely interrupted by a thunderstorm. Instead we took a drive to try and get some lightning photos. What that meant was the lightning would strike, I'd get out my camera to take a picture of the next one and sit there for five minutes with nothing happening. Then our tire went flat for the second time (after we got it patched earlier that day) and Blaine got to put the spare on in the thunderstorm on the side of the road. We ended the night in the spa while it lightly rained and then make the drive back home on July 4th just in time to catch the fireworks at home.

It was a fun little getaway with just the two of us, the perfect little breather from life and my plan is for us to do this a couple of times a year.