2016 Blog & Business Goals

As the year was coming to a close I got increasingly excited to plan for 2016. You see, 2015 was a complete roller coaster for me. Between the birth of my son three months early, four months of him being in the hospital and then losing my dad pretty suddenly, it wasn’t a good time for my life, let alone my business. But all of these experiences have only made me stronger and more empowered to create the life I want to live and a business that can keep running even when life gets hectic. So without rambling too much, let’s talk goals!

Launch One Product Per Quarter

As I get more serious about my business in helping others build a blog and business they love, I know that I have tons of knowledge to share and definitely want to share it. I want to release four products in 2016. They can be physical products or digital products, but I think this is the best way to make an income and help others at the same time.

25 Epic Blog Posts

One of my big goals this year is to cut back on how much I post and increase the quality of my posts. I’d rather spend 5 hours on a great post then pump out 5 okay posts. Quality over quantity, right? I’m even going a little further and encouraging myself to not post more than 52 times this year. One post a week is ideal. The goal is to not stress about constantly churning out posts and can just focus on making what I do post fantastic. Plus, I’ll be producing content for other platforms such as emails for my list, social media, etc.

Make $25,000

I realize how low this is as far as full time incomes go, but as an entrepreneur-at-home-mom to a baby, I wanted to be realistic. I’m just revamping my business at the beginning of this year, I’ve moved out my lifestyle posts which were a large traffic source. I’m home full time with a baby and can only work nights, etc. so it’s going to take me some time to gain momentum. If I hit $25,000 this year it will definitely be an accomplishment.

1,000 Email Subscribers

I’m just around 220 as I write this and I would love to get to 1,000 email subscribers. Again, the focus is on quality, not quantity. I don’t want just anyone on my email list, but those who can benefit the most from what I am sharing.

20,000 Pageviews in a Month

While I’m not a fan of looking at traffic, it really is the best way to make sure that people are seeing what I have to put out there. I’m not one to need hundreds of thousands of people visiting my site each month. Instead I want the right people visiting my site, people that are within my niche that I can help.

Hire Help

This is something that comes up all the time when I’m feeling like I have a million things to do and all I want to do is spread my knowledge. The quote “you can do anything, but not everything” pops into my head all the time and I’d love to hand of a few small, routine, tasks to someone. Even if it’s just a couple hours a week or month, that’s a handful of things off my plate that I don’t have to make room in my schedule for.

I like to keep my goals pretty reasonable. While I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time, this whole staying home with a baby thing is still new to me and I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.

What are your goals for this year? I’m encouraging you to write down at least 5 goals and if you’re brave, share them below!


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