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October Goals + September Recap

Each month I like to share my goals. Last month I only shared blog and business goals due to my son taking up most of my time. But I think I'm ready to share some personal goals as well. I'll still keep my goals light since having an infant takes up about 90% of my time, but I think goals are important and motivating!


  1. Consistent Posting. FAIL I have been posting, but I wouldn't call it consistent as in every Mon/Wed/Fri like I had been hoping to. But I'm finding a balance and need to figure out what works for me and for the blog.
  2. Brainstorm & Come Up with 3 Digital Products PASS You know, I did start brainstorming for a millisecond and actually came up with a list of more than 10 vague ideas. I need to narrow them down and get to work!
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