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As a Jamberry Independent Consultant it's my job to have pretty nails and share them with you! I'm a busy work at home mama to a little boy name Atlas and having Jamberry on my nails makes me feel a little bit put together on days when I just can't manage to get out of my yoga pants.

The first time I tried Jamberry was during one of my sons naps. At this point he would nap for anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. You never had any idea how much time you'd have to get things done. I had been sporting four week old severely chipped polish and it was time to try out my first Jamicure. After 20 minutes Atlas was up and crying and because Jamberry doesn't require any dry time, I was able to put my manicure on pause and tend to my baby until his next nap when I finished up. Now my nails are hassle free and pretty at all times!

My favorite things about Jamberry:

  • Non Toxic / NO Harmful Chemicals!
  • Cruelty Free (No Animal Testing!) & Vegan
  • Lasts 2 weeks on fingers/4 weeks on toes
  • Smudge free and NO DRY TIME!
  • Over 350 styles to mix and match

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